We had a proper portrait set up going on the red carpet at Fallen Footwear’s Road Less Traveled premiere last Friday in LA. Check out all the attendees that stopped by to pose for us below and our mega premiere gallery.

RLT_RedCarpet28_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet34_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet33_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet47_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet25_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet26_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet23_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet56_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet32_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet11_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet10_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet15_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet50_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet9_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet49_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet48_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet59_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet22_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet58_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet46_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet45_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet30_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet5_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet43_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet41_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet42_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet3_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet8_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet13_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet38_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet36_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet29_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet44_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet20_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet12_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet21_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet51_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet18_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet2_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet54_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet40_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet57_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet6_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet24_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet55_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet31_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet35_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet37_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet39_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet19_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet4_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet52_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet53_1 (1).jpg
RLT_RedCarpet17_1 (1).jpg

Photos by Jeff Robins

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