Far’N High Pre-Qualifiers

One of the best skateboarding events of the 2014 season in Europe, the World Cup Skateboarding Far'N'High contest started today in Paris, Val d'Orge, France with the Pre-qualification heats. There were 5 heats of 10 riders out of which only the best 20 could make the cut for tomorrow's official Qualification.

In order of appearance: Leonardo Spanghero, Carlos Padilla, Matthias Torres, Cyril Jubin, Kevin Vu, Christian Elizondo, Christophe Sampaio, Kilian Zhender, Yeelen Moens, Georges Poole, Werner Sandoz, Mickael Germond, Martin Le Clair, Benjamin Garcia, Rasmus Toensberg, Trevor Cappon, Danny Leon, Vincent Milou, Juan-Carlos Aliste, Matt Debauche.

You can check the Top 20 Qualifiers from today here: