Our Favorite Covers Of 2013 And The Stories Behind Them

Once again we asked our Senior Photographers what their favorite cover was that they shot this year, and to share the story behind it. Read on to what goes into making an epic, memorable cover. Peep last year’s!


I’m always stoked to shoot a cover but this year my favorite has to be Silas’s 50-50 to 50-50. I see lots of crazy shit happen before my eyes but that one really blew the lid on what I thought was possible on a skateboard. This Church is just around the corner from Silas’ house on the outskirts of Portland and he told me he’d been looking at it for about a year thinking that it just might be possible. I remember that it was getting dark and I thought about setting up strobes to shoot a sequence but I was worried that the flashing lights might throw him off so I just kept shooting stills. I’m stoked that I did because I think you can tell what he’s doing without really giving the whole thing away, it makes it that much more exciting when you see the footage in Perpetual Motion. Hat’s off to Silas for pushing the envelope that little bit further and scoring his third TransWorld cover.—Dave Chami


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