Fight Night Round 3

Fight Night Round 3
PlayStation 3
This ain’t a completely updated version of EA’s brawltastic Fight Night franchise, but there are some ill new features in the new PS3 version.
GAMEPLAY: Forget surgically precise jabs, it’s all about the haymakers (or “Super Punches)—and nothing milks that face-whupping for all it’s worth like the new “Get In The Ring feature. In this mode, you can fight the entire bout in split-screen, with your first-person view on one side and the opponent’s first-person view on the other. This way, you can see James Tony’s face ripple from your right hook, but also lose vision on half the screen when your eye begins to swell shut.
GRAPHICS: Fight Night‘s PS3 graphics have taken a subtle leap from previous platforms. The muscle definition and flowing sweat looks disturbingly real, especially on Arturo Gatti’s pancaked grille.
SOUND: Nothing can really beat the Rocky soundtrack, so I gotta dock EA a star in this category.
ENTERTAINMENT: The other new feature in Fight Night Round PS3 is the option to chuck some “dirty shots in. That’s right, you can get all Mike Tyson on somebody’s ass and toss a headbutt, a flying elbow, and even a crack to the family jewels.—Clay Staeshon