Yesterday was FTC's third For The Cash Contest. This year with sponsorship from Levi's they were able to take the course from the confines of the shop to the backyard. Being on Haight Street in San Francisco this caused a lot of heat from the neighbors, but nothing was going to stop this contest from happening. With five-man jam sessions brewing strong all day long and a final that had everyone on the edge of their seats, Jack Fardell came out on top with Tristan Funkhouser second and Evan Smith third. Thanks FTC and Levi's for holding the best, realest backyard skate contest there is! Check out the photos!

1. Jack Fardell $10,000
2. Tristan Funkhouser $2,500
3. Evan Smith $1,500
Best Trick: Tom Remillard (Ando’s hat full of cash)

Video by Justin Albert, photo by Dave Chami