01-The course
02-Corey Duffel Frontside Boardslide
03-Jack Fardell Frontside Ollie
04-Jonathan Perez Backside 180 Nosegrind
05-Jack Curtin Nollie Crooked Grind
06-Tristen Funkhouser Frontside 180 fakie 5-0
07-Cyril jackson Frontside Flip
08-Evan Smith Frontside Flip Stalefish
09-Jack Fardell Crooked Grind to fakie
10-Auby Taylor Backside Tailslide
13-Ron Allen, Jeff Pang, Tommy G
14-Back of the deck
16-Trevor Morgan Madonna
18-Torey Hereford Backside Tailslide
19-Tristen Funkhouser Footplant to Fakie
20-Evan Smith Backside 180 Nosegrind to Forward
21-Tafari Whitter Nosebluntslide
23-Jack Fardell and Shrewgy
24-Ken Goto and Chico Brenes
25-Train Gang
26-Alex Conn Frontside Bluntslide
27-Donovon Piscopo Frontside Air
28-Jafin Garvey Alley Oop Frontside air Tree Ride
29-Alex Conn Switch Feeble Grind
30-Adrian Mallory Tree ride body varial tailgrab
31-Adrian Mallory takes out best trick
33-The esteemed judges, Josh Kalis, Marcus McBride, Jabari Pendleton and Antonious Dintcho
34-Jack Curtin Switch Backside 5-0
35-Terrell Newell 360 Flip Lipslide
36-Cyril Jackson Backside 360 over the rail
37-Jack Curtin Nollie Overcrook
39-Jack Fardell Frontside 180 from the hip over the rail
40-miles and Terrell celebrate their final runs
41-Marcus, Jabari and Toad with the prizewinners cups
42-Kent and Ando with the brifcases full of cash
43-Shrewgy breaks down the results
44-Tristen Funkhouser 3rd Place
45-Terrell Newell 2nd Place
46-Terrell and Jack
47-The winners circle
48-Thanks for another great event

FTC For the Cash 4 Photos

Monday marked the 4th Annual FTC For The Cash contest. Held in FTC’s backyard on San Francisco’s Haight St., the course is a full buildout of every corner of the yard. This year was one for the books with both locals and visiting pros pushing it to the limits, in the end Jack Fardell came out on top with Terrell Newell 2nd and Tristen Funkhouser 3rd. Thanks to FTC and Levi's® Skateboarding for putting on the best grass roots skate contest in the game. View the photo gallery shot by Dave Chami.

Photos / CHAMI

Watch the FTC For The Cash 4 Video