(FWIL1) Heavy line backed up to the street!
(FWIL2) Mr. Jayme Fortune & Alex Davies.
(FWIL3) These kids made it in line 90 minutes prior to doors opening! Young Noah & crew.
(FWIL5) Da girls made it in the mix..
(FWIL6) Darrell & Mikey along side Miles before seeing his part..
(FWIL7) Momma Bender & Momma Grube were excited!
(FWIL8) Long + 40oz = good night.
(FWIL10) Pizza fanatics Mrs. Screedler, Screedler himself, & Jordan Hoffart showed up.
(FWIL11) Miles, Art Lindsey and Bobby B.
(FWIL12) Andrew, the lady, & Andrew.
(FWIL13) Doors just about to open..
(FWIL14) ..almosssst opened!
(FWIL15) BOOM! Doors are officially open!
(FWIL16) Sebo was more hyped than you..
(FWIL17) Noah was more hyped than Sebo though!
(FWIL18) Washington squad coming through!
(FWIL19) David Gravette and media extraordinaire Elias.
(FWIL20) Gravette & the lady.
(FWIL21) Sebo getting the kids hyped.
(FWIL22) These kids needed no hyping up whatsoever. Already stoked!
(FWIL23) Mood NYC's Tyson Reynolds & Zak Allegri in da mix. Cal's Pharmacy Portland OG's!
(FWIL24) More Portland OG's- Kurt Hayashi & Jayme Fortune!
(FWIL25) Scope This mastermind Jeff Halstad & Jake Henry.
(FWIL26) Mr. Mark Gutterman & Jess.
(FWIL27) Men of the night! Sebo, Tom, Mark & Miles.
(FWIL28) Seattle's finest made it just in time through traffic. Jules, Zev, Dane, & Myles.
(FWIL29) Ted & Chaz were ready..
(FWIL30) Pizza face Illgander & Marcus Harvey.
(FWIL31) The Killing Floor's John Vitale killing it! Dear in headlights..
(FWIL32) Nick K & homie.
(FWIL33) David Paris made it out from Vancouver BC with the lady, Demara.
(FWIL34) Selfie naish.
(FWIL35) Ricky & Jasmin.
(FWIL36) Cal's Pharmacy's finest Kyle Reynolds alongside lensmaster Garric Ray.
(FWIL37) More PDX OG's. LZ, Deesee, Art, and Dan Garland!
(FWIL38) Jivaro Mike & Jen in the mix!
(FWIL39) Yup.
(FWIL40) LA schoolyard HD film doctor Cory Williams and the lovely lady.
(FWIL41) Mr. Tom Bender getting the show started.
(FWIL42) Lights OUT!

Fun While It Lasted Premiere

Tom Bender‘s Fun While It Lasted premiere last Friday night in Portland was one to remember. Not only did the theater fill up within 5 minutes of the doors opening, but the place was so packed there ended up being two showings lasting until 2 a.m., disappointing fire marshals across the city. The epic video showcases wild and unique parts from dudes like no comply master Sebo Walker, Mr. Willis Kimbel, and fresh face Miles Grube who has a really refreshing new part in which we’ll be dropping here on the site in weeks to come along with others as well. Did I also mention Mark Gutterman turned pro for the Killing Floor? Oh yeah, it happened! Video to be available online and in shops soon.

Photos / Tom Bender & Mikey Duran

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