Gayle and Glifberg Take the INVERT 2000 Cash

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Mechanical Bull Riding
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INVERT 2000, held November 17-19, 2000, at the Anaheim Convention Center is billed as “The Vertical Sports Carnival.” And yes, the event is as corny as it sounds. But that’s not to say that it wasn’t a fun time.

The event brought together many “extreme” activities including street and vert skateboarding, BMX dirt jumping, BMX vert, dual trials racing, action on a mechanical bull, freestyle motocross demos, an R/C car exhibition, and even a fashion show. All sorts of goofy exhibitors had booths set up in an attempt to market directly to you, THE CONSUMER. Some of the more reputable companies on hand included DVS/Lakai, Tumyeto, Osiris, Jones Soda, Clif Bar, Sobe, World Industries, Active Ride Shop, and Dragon Optical.

The qualifiers for the street contest were held Thursday November 16, before the venue was open to the public. Finnish wonder boy, Arto Saari qualified in first place. The top four riders from last year’s contest were pre-qualified. So Ed Templeton, Brian Patch, Pat Channita, and last year’s victor, Jesse Paez didn’t have to skate until Saturday.

The street course was pretty budget except for a highly functional centerpiece. Most of the day’s action occurred on that obstacle.

By noon on Saturday, the contest had begun and 26 riders battled it out for the top 9 spots. Justin Reynolds, who is coming back from a broken femur, looked very strong. Ed Templeton did, too. New comer Jani Laitiaila, a pal of Arto’s from Finland, was blowing minds with kickflip, backside, lipslides, to fakie on the main flat bar. Mark Appleyard consistently took to wrecking the course also, but the main contender for the day was Mark’s teammate, Arto Saari. He seemed unstoppable and powered his was to the top of the final battle.

Before the finals could get going, the 10th spot in the finals had to be filled. World Industries sponsored a mechanical bull and it was decided that all the riders who wanted a shot at the finals would ride the bull. Whoever stayed on the longest would gain the 10th spot. Besides the unreal skating, the bullriding was the highlight of this event and it really added to the carnival like atmosphere. Ed Templeton, Pat Duffy, Jesse Paez, Omar Hassan, Daniel Haney, Dayne Brummet, and Falco Balty all made good showings. But Falco’s first ride of a whopping 24 seconds put him in that coveted 10th spot in the finals.

The Finals got underway and each rider had three one-minute runs to do their thing. Marcus Bandy ollied a big gap, k-grinded the ledge to drop, and did his patented one footed blunt fakie. The bullriding victor, Falco, nailed heelflip boardslides on the flatbar. Mike V got too amped to stay on his board, but that didn’t stop him from trying to air over a fence to a 10-foot drop.

Floridian, Mike Peterson, blazed the whole course at speed banging out tricks on nearly every obstacle. His big gun was a frontside 360 to lipslide fakie down the rail. Pat Channita had a few falls and ended one run by trying to kickflip off a bank ramp over a fence into the crowd. Mike Santarossa nailed switch three flips on the quarter pipe every time. Chet Thomas stuck one run with eight tricks. His teammate, Guy Kampfen annihilated the course with smooth precision and technical flair. Arto’s runs were marred by a few falls, but he still should have won in my opinion. Caine Gayle made a kickflip backside lip down the rail during one of his runs and nailed a few other tricks in that run which apparently made him victorious.

The trophies for the top three were cute, little, ceramic elephants. The vert contest went down on the Redbull vert ramp on Sunday. Rune killed it and took home first place and $4000. Andy MacDonald, always a tough competitor, came in a close second. Check the results below.

The contest ran smoothly and a big “hats off” to Dave Metty and Eric Kirkwood for doing such a fine job. Each year this event grows and next year will be even bigger and better.

Street Final Results
1. Caine Gayle $4000
2. Arto Saari $2000
3. Guy Kampfen $1000
4. Chet Thomas $800
5. Mike Santarossa $600
6. Pat Channita $500
7. Mike Peterson $400
8. Mike Vallely $300
9. Falco Baltys $250
10. Marcus Bandy $200
11. Jani Laitiaila
12. Ed Templeton
13. Nate Sherwood
14. Omar Hassan
15. Dayne Brummet
16. Jesse Paez
17. Jesse Parker
18. Clay King
19. Malcolm Watson
20. Chad Knight
21. Avi Luizia
22. Mark Appleyard
23. Gailea Momolu
24. Daniel Haney
25. Rod James
26. Justin Reynolds
27. Ben Butler
28. Guy Hartley
29. Pat Duffy
30. Anthony Carney
31. Rob Dyrdek
32. Frank Hirata
33. Jared Faustino
34. Ryan Kenreich
35. Chad Vogt
36. Rod Marks
37. Pancho Moler
38. Richard Brito
39. Preston Acuff
40. Ivan Brito
41. Dave Magee
42. Jason “Wee-Man” Acuna
43. Jake Nunn
44. Joe Gratzer
45. Fabio Frugis
46. Yancey Meyer
47. Steve James
48. Josh Kalis
49. Troy O’Mahoney

Vert Final Results
1. Rune Glifberg $4000
2. Andy MacDonald $2000
3. Bucky Lasek $1000
4. Matt Dove $800
5. Jesse Fritsch $600
6. Pierre Luc Gagnon $500
7. Adil Dyani $400
8. Mike Frazier $300
9. Renton Millar $250
10. Joe Gratzer $150
11. Mizael Simao
12. Paul Zitzer
13. Jurgen Horrwarth
14. Brian Patch
15. Fabio Frugis
16. Gen Ogawa

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Street Montage
Mechanical Bull Riding
Street Top 10