Getz and Glifberg Win Triple Crown Finals

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(Video Highlights: Street Finals)
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(Video Highlights: Rune’s Semi Final Run)
(Video Highlights: Vert Finals)
(Video Highlights: Masters Bowl Finals)

Driving down to the pier this morning, the weatherman on the radio told me”It’s a bit overcast out there, but don’t worry kids, because by 12 o’clocknoon it’ll be hot as all hell and I personally guarantee that you’ll getyour face burnt to a bloody crisp if you choose to go down and watch thefinal day of the Triple Crown finals.” Actually, he didn’t tell me that, butif he had it would’ve been the honest truth: it was as hot as a brand newDVD player at the swap meet out there today.

In the morning, before things got toasty, the “30 and over dudes” took tothe Soul Bowl for the Masters Bowl Contest. This is the part of the weekendwhere professional skaters from yesteryear, or… I should say, yesterdecade,get to re-live their glory days alongside a couple of people who are still”living the dream”, to compete for cash in front of a crowd of hungry fans.Though this part of the contest is all about fun, as the session progressedit was clear that the dudes who are still among the professional ranks weredominating over the names of which most people new to skating would say”who?”. As I watched Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero battle it out formaster of the bowl title, I couldn’t help but think of an old Bones Brigadevideo. The two of them skating together on a ramp was like a trip back tothe good old days, even though they’re both still ripping. Afterwards theysigned autographs side by side, just like they used to do. Lance took first,Steve second and Soletech homey Sasha Steinhorst brought home awell-deserved third. Everybody had fun.

Starting at about noon, after noticing that every person in the stands wereon fire, I peered through my welding visor for a few hours and caught aglimpse of sun spots Kerry Getz, McCrank, Geoff Rowley, Caine Gayle andnewcomer Kyle Berard blazing through the street course. Kerry, Rick, Geoff,Caine, Kyle and everyone else who placed well are all super talented,progressive skateboarders who put together sick contest lines. I’ll save youthe typical, boring contest article rundown of exactly who did whatthroughout their entire run… “Kerry did a killer this followed by andawesome that and then, you wouldn’t believe it! He did a gnarly one ofTHOSE!!!”. But wait, before you get all excited and think I’m not gettinginto details here, swallow this quick rundown of the best trick contest thattook place on the handrail: Alex Gavin won with a tailslide to fakie, CaineGayle did a b/s lipslide down it, Chad Fernandez pulled a crooked grind and,ironically, the “death” lens on my video camera saved my precious head bytaking a beating from Tyrone Olson’s board on one of his manyclose-but-no-cigar nosegrinds (not the one in the video clip). Now, thatwasn’t so bad, was it? And onto the vert we go.

As usual, Burnquist and Macdonald were ruling, and most of the other headson the ramp were doing groundbreaking stuff that few skaters will ever dreamof pulling in their lifetime. But it was Rune Glifberg who stayed on topthroughout the prelims and the entire contest to take home first. If Runewas smiling from ear to ear over the win, Bob was rolling on the floorlaughing his ass off. Reason being is that in the end he landed himself$25,000 and a brand new Ford Explorer for being thhe overall winner of theTriple Crown series of 2000. Plus he won the vert best trick with anuntouchable nosegrind to shove-it out on the rail. Damn, I wonder how thatfeels. I’m not trying to play down Rune’s win, or his final run which bleweveryone out of the water (it was one of those flawless, technical, over theedge lines that left everyone knowing he won) but Bob Burnquist is the kingof this year’s Vans Triple Crown series.

So that’s the scoop. You should go and check out a World Cup proskateboarding contest the next chance you get. You’ll be glad you did.


Street:1. Kerry Getz
2. Rick McCrank
3. Geoff Rowley
4. Caine Gayle
5. Kyle Berard
6. Tony Trujillo
7. Pat Channita
8. Chris Senn
9. Carlos De Andrade
10. Chad Fernandez

Best trick street (on the handrail):
Alex Gavin – Tailslide to fakie

1. Rune Glifberg
2. Andy Macdonald
3. Bob Burnquist
4. Pierre Luc Gagnon
5. Brian Howard
6. Mike Crum
7. Chris Gentry
8. Max Schaaf
9. Tas Pappas
10. Max Dufour

Vert best trick:Bob Burnquist – nosegrind to shove-it on the rail

Masters bowl:
1. Lance Mountain
2. Steve Caballero
3. Sasha Steinhorst
4. Clint Deaton
5. Jeff Grosso

(Video Highlights: Street Practice)
(Video Highlights: Street Finals)
(Video Highlights: Street Best Trick)
(Video Highlights: Vert Semis)
(Video Highlights: Rune’s Semi Final Run)
(Video Highlights: Vert Finals)
(Video Highlights: Masters Bowl Finals)