Globe Shoes Premieres Opinion

El Rey Theater, Los Angeles October 30th 2001

Here’s a little video premiere street knowledge: if the tickets say get there at 7:30 make sure you show up at 8:30, because the video is going to start at 9:30. This was the definitely the case at Globe’s premiere of Opinion at the packed El Rey theater in LA on October 30th.

The crowd started getting kind of rambunctious, but once the video popped up on the screens and Chad Fernandez came out swinging everyone was hyped. Chad must have been holding on to some secret footage because he continued his handrail and hubba destruction, one of the surprises being a “super hubba” grind on a really tall wooden ledge that must have been built at the globe warehouse. Chad’s act was hard to follow, but somehow Jayme Fortune banged out a really impressive part with only a month a half of filming. Then Danny Gonzalez graced the screen with his creative outlook on skateboarding. The best was his nosemanual to push off a wall to fakie manual tricks–stuff that catches you off gaurd is always nice. From there a real stand out had to be Ryan Kenreich. A lot of people overlook this kid, but the fact that he skates fast and smooth means he just can’t be slept on. Ryan’s backside nollie heelflip over a huge gap to drop definitely made people take notice of his skills. Then we got that park skater Mike Peterson, right? Wrong!! Mike broke off enough street footy to lose the “park skater” label. Don’t worry though, he still managed to kill a ton of tranny. And let’s not forget about Chet Thomas–this guy is a machine. Somehow Chet has the ability to think of a trick like hardflip backside nosegrinds to backside 180 out and not only do it, but do it really well.

Alright, did someone say curtains? Who got the curtains? Well, Mumford didn’t get the last part, but his part was out of control! Not only did Mums do frontside feebles down thirteen stair rails with style, but it was so smooth it could almost make you think that it’s not that hard. And let’s face it, he throws down some hard-core stunts that take balls–Mumford’s part was pretty much all hammers and it ripped.

So you want to know about the curtains? Well who’s left? The talented Rodney Mullen, that’s who. I’m sure if you’ve ever seen one of Rodney’s parts you know he can just blow your mind to the point where you don’t believe what you’re seeing. And to be honest, I still can’t believe some of the supertech combos I witnessed last night.

Here’s a little example (read slow, it gets complicated): Nosemanual on a picnic table, to nollie 360 shove-it across a gap onto another picnic table back to nosemanual, to nollie flip out. What!!!!???? That’s just one of the many ridiculous magic tricks that Rodney pulled off, and there were a lot of them. I can’t really type them all out because it would give me carpal tunnel, but I can recommend you go grab a copy of opinion and check this video out as soon as possible! The rewind potential is a level 9 with an amp factor of 8.2, earning it an overall 27 thumbs up … yeah, it’s good.