Once again Nike SB put on a great Go Skateboarding Day in NYC, full of skating from Brooklyn to Manhattan. It all started at Golconda Skatepark (aka Fat Kid) in DUMBO around noon. A session was firing on the eight stair before the SB team showed up. Antonio and Nyjah got right into it and started ripping every corner of the (new-ish) park.
Words and photos by Blair Alley

Antonio Durao wasted no time catching air in DUMBO.

Big Nyj, kickflip back Smith with ease.

This is how Nyjah tested out the mini-Hubba. First try 180 nosegrind to straight, in heavy traffic.

You good bro?

Antonio Durao, backside flip the hip.

Brian Anderson and Lacey Baker.

Nyjah was slammed for autographs when he showed up.

Daryl Angel and BA checking the park.

Our own Mike Fitz got in on the action.

Lacey Baker and Rachelle Vinberg.

A heated session was going down on the eight stair. Pop shove tail grab.

Kenny from the Bronx. Late shove-it backside.

Brandon Johnson, 360 flip.


Quick group photo before we hit the streets to skate over the Manhattan Bridge.

After a couple hours of fun at Fat Kid, it was time to skate over the Manhattan Bridge to the LES Park. Most of us had never skated over this particular bridge. In years past, it was always the Williamsburg Bridge, so it was rad to get a new view of the city.

Alex Olson and Dom Travis leading a pack of stoked skaters.

Nyjah and the city.

Nyjah was stoked to be in the city for this year’s GSD.

The long ollie contest is always good for some comical slams.


Daryl Angel got 17 decks, and almost did 20!

Simon taking a digger with classic form.

Not even close buddy.

Daryl came out on top in the high ollie contest.

Nyjah was casually destroying the bump to bar as the high ollie contest wound down. Kickflip nosegrind.

Then Nike surprised us with two Hubbas for the double set! Jordan’s noseblunt-slide got him some cash.

Leo Heinert, kickflip backside 50-50.

Antonio Durao wowed the crowd with a vicious switch frontside flip.

Nyjah blessed Andre Beverly with some cash for his crooked grind.

Thank you NYC and Nike SB! What a day!