Nike SB and Brain Farm tag-teamed Go Skateboarding Day in LA for a full day of skating from one side of the city to the other. Things started off at noon in Santa Monica at Stoner Plaza with the Nike SB team. Paul Rodriguez made a short speech about the importance of the West LA Courthouse and the entire crowd skated over with a police escort. The courthouse was un-stopped with brand new ledges and a demo and best trick contests went down. Peep the video!

At 4 p.m., seemingly every skater in LA had descended upon Hollenbeck Plaza on the eastside of the city for the massive Brain Farm shoot. After a couple false starts, Ty Evans and his armada of suped up golf carts and a helicopter captured the thousands of skaters pushing across the 6th St. bridge that he had shut down for the occasion. What a day! Peep the photos:

Starting the day off at Stoner with your emcees: O-Dog and Vern.

Nick Tucker swarmed by his Instagram followers in real life.

Brasil in the house! Leticia Bufoni, Rodrigo Peterson, and his son.

Quick photo with Trevor before the demo starts.

The most people we’ve ever seen at Stoner.

Best trick contest on the hubba.

Manny Santiago, nollie heelflip.

Trevor Colden, nollie inward heelflip.

Dashawn Jordan, fakie 360 flip.

Daryl Angel, backside 360.

Nick Boserio, half Cab flip.

CJ Tambornino, step hop.

P-Rod entered the park and got swarmed immediately.

Paul gave a quick speech about growing up skating the courthouse.

Everybody into the street to skate to the courthouse!

The streets were packed!

The view from inside the Nike van. We had some happy skitchers hitching a ride.

The courthouse had a Nike/P-Rod makeover.

Paul and West LA city councilman who made this all possible. Hopefully he’ll keep the courthouse open!

Paul making another speech on the day.


Mandatory group photo.

Demo on!

Paul, varial heelflip.

Nick Boserio, over the back.

Paul Rodriguez, frontside bluntslide.

Leticia Bufoni, backside Smith grind.

Daryl Angel goin’ up.

Nick Boserio ollieing the whole hubba from the back!

Paul, nollie 360 flip.

Paul ended the demo with a nollie late front foot flip.

Time for another best trick, this time on the ledges.

Over to Hollenbeck, get your photo with The Chief!

Selfie with Slash!

Hollenbeck was packed too!

Operators of heavy Brain Farm equipment, Jon Holland and Jared Lucas.

Donut in this piece! Purple everything!

Trying to corral the kids at Hollenbeck and keep them out of the street was proving difficult.

Ty Evans breaks down the schedule.

The Brain Farm ghetto bird.

And they’re off!

Over the bridge!

Don’t forget to take your Instagram photo as you skate by.

After the crowd passed, we had an Omega Man moment.

Round 2, here comes the Brain Farm truck. Get out tha way!

First time I’ve seen a girl skating in garters.

And the long day drew to a close.

That was a lot of skating packed into one day.

Photos / BLAIR