We ventured out to NikeSb‘s Go Skateboarding Day (everyday, right. See what I did there?) event in LA yesterday at the infamous Courthouse which was pristinely cleaned up and ready for some skateboardin’. Lots of kids and skaters of all ages came out to see Ishod Wair, Leticia Bufoni, Guy Mariano, Carlos Ribeiro, Dashawn Jordan, and more put on a rad demo to kick off the summer season. Here’s a small photo recap, with video coming Monday. Thanks to Nike SB and all the skaters who come out. See you in the streets and beyond.

PHOTOS / @jaimeowens

Ishod, front feeble shove-it out.

Ishod, shifty flip.

 Nate Greenwood, kickflip.

 Carlos Ribiero, Rodrigo Petersen, Gabriel Fortunato.

 Check them new Ishod samples. Coming out in Fall.

 Hella hyphy.

  Dashawn Jordan, big ole frontside 360.

 Read the shoe, Ishod backside flip.

 Guy handing out some prizes.

 Donovon brought some goodies for the kids too.

 Free SLS tickets mosh pit.

  Ivan Monteiro, frontside feeble 180 out.

Yoshi Tanenbaum had to trouble with this gap. After he big flipped it, he 360 flipped it too.

Hitting the club with all them singles.

Thanks to our friends at NikeSB and all the skaters that came out to do some skateboarding. Everyday.