Go Skateboarding Day NYC 2014

While Nike SB had P-Rod and crew taking over LA on Go Skateboarding Day, they also had a solid crew in New York City for the same weekend featuring Eric Koston, Stefan Janoski, Ishod Wair, Alex Olson, Brian Anderson and Bobby Worrest. We were there as co-sponsors, along with CCS, to cover the weekend of skating and festivities. #GoSkateboardingDay started at the LES skatepark for a long ollie contest, best trick and Nike SB demo. Then everyone skated over the Williamsburg bridge to the temporary Nike SB pop up park to watch another demo on some very interesting obstacles like a basketball hoop incorporated into a miniramp and street course that was a giant Zen garden. Creative, fun stuff and the kids got to skate it all day Sunday to themselves before it was taken down. Thanks to all those that came out and supported a great event and thanks to NIke SB and CCS for helping putting on such a great weekend. See you again next year.

Calm before the storm at the LES skatepark.

Packed house on Saturday for locals best trick contest before the Nike SB demo.

More heads watching the shredding.

Dylan Nieves blast the longest Ollie of the day. 20 boards.

Second year in a row Dylan wins. $500 cash baby.

The big boys showed up to play. Koston with a boneless one.

Alex Olson, backside Smith grind.

Bobby Worrest, switch 360 flip.

Alex, frontside flip on his sick Grace Jones model.

Ishod, hardflip.

Ishod instagramming.

Taking it to the streets to the Nike SB pop up park in Brooklyn.

Scaring the locals.

Ishod leading the pack.

Frost limp duecing.

15 man pile up, me included where someone took my board and I had to walk down the rest of the bridge. Sweet! (I got it back later.)

Alex slaps down a rock 'n roll.

Koston jams it in.

BA bluntslide transfer.

Braydon and Dustin.

Koston, frontside grab.

Steve Rodriguez.

Alex with the best backside floater to end the day.

Photos / OWENS

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