Once again Nike SB put on a great Go Skateboarding Day in the Big Apple. They added some new features to the LES Skatepark and had a skate jam/block party all day. There were a number of best trick contests around the park, free food, shirts, custom griptape artists and more. The Nike SB pros were hanging out and skating with the locals and a good time was had by all. Check the photos and stay tuned for a video coming soon!

Photos / @blair.alley

Block party! Nike SB style.

Todd Higuchi and his new boy Owen!

Lacey B and Cy B 🙂

Our good buddy John Lupfer and filmer extraordinaire, Waylon Bone.

Cranny and Frecks! Summer’s here!

Dave! Aka @tittyb0i on the Gram.

Shred Master Keith warming up on the first of many best trick contests.

Joseph Gil getting in a back lip.

Shawn Butler, nice front crook.

Starling Polanco, kickflip five-O.

Justin Adams, back tail.

Starling, backside 180 nosegrind.

Joseph Gil, kickflip frontside bluntslide.

Shawn Butler, kickflip backside lipslide.

Free Fuku fried chicken sandwiches!

Free shirts!

Cuong Lieng and Zack Mack.

Wheat pastes. Unrelated to GSD, but pretty funny.

Custom grip airbrush jobs.

Everybody got hooked up.

Beautiful day to start the summer.

Keith Hardy easily clears a short stack of Sizzle Pie boxes.

Look out, Tommy Gunz is comin’!

Shawn Butler got over these first try.

Ungh! Boneless one!

Tommy Sandoval keeping up with Shawn Butler.

Shawn matched that one.

Add a homie, why not?

Alex Olson got a snap in.

Shawn Butler with the high ollie win. 29 boxes!

Olson, chillin’.

The long ollie contest, where fools get bodied!

Fitting end to the day.

Shawn Butler slides into home.


Shawn Butler wins the long ollie contest too! 20 boards!

Squad photo!

Great day! Thanks Nike SB!

Aaand, finish strong with a product toss.