God Bless The Children Of The Beast

Skaters Edge Indoor Skatepark in Taunton, Massachusetts played host to the sixth annual Beast Of The East Championship. Winners from the Beast series along with winners from other contest series from around the country were all invited to compete, thus, bringing together a great mix of skateboarders.

I’ve been out to the Beast Of The East Championships once before (three years ago), so needless to say I was psyched to get back. I knew I’d run into many good friends that I hadn’t seen in 1095 days, the equivalent of three years. So yeah, everyone was 1095 days older, but still underage. That was good for me as it kept me sober and productive—just what I needed. The first night there I found myself in a game of hide-n-seek in Wal-Mart. Maybe I should’ve acted my age or maybe I was acting my age. That became the nightly routine for the rest of the weekend. Dinner after skating, hide-n-seek until 2 am, and everyone bugging me to watch skate dvd’s on my laptop until 4a.m. We’d wake up around 9 a.m. and start the whole routine over again. It was like I was living the movie, Groundhog Day.

By the way, what is up with the East Coast bowling alleys? The balls and pins are like three times smaller than normal. It looked cool at first and a few of us got suckered into playing. Ten dollars less, five minutes later, and wearing the largest sized bowling shoes available, I rolled the first ball. What a waste of per diem, it sucked so bad!

Moving on to the contest..

The finals weren’t your average finals format. Always keeping real, the Beast opted for something new and changed it up with a twenty-minute jam session. Out-the-door with the repetitive (and boring as shit) regular contest configurations. The Beasts jam session was as follows. Each finalist dropped in and skated until they fell or until a perfect one-minute run was completed. In respective order, each skater started their run as soon as the person in front of them fell, thus, keeping everyone on their toes and amped!

Holy crap! Were my ears deceiving me or was the Beast really on point with the music selections? If you’re familiar with skateboarding then you should be familiar with the music—The Dead Milkmen, The Angry Samoans, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, The Ramones, Metallica, Slayer, and most other ripping bands you can think of were all being played. The only problem was the music wasn’t loud enough at first. The Beast must have read my mind, because as soon as I looked at him, he was already signaling to the DJ to crank up the volume. Everything was now perfect, let the jam begin!

Organized chaos
The Jam session was so damn good and so refreshing to watch. I can’t even remember who dropped-in first or who dropped-in last. Hell, some of the skaters couldn’t remember either. The music overpowered the MC making it hard to hear. Thus, kids over-fueled with adrenaline were randomly dropping-in out of turn. It was great! One of those randoms was Josh Perkins. Josh is one of the chosen few who naturally look good skateboarding. He had good flow and put together some of the smoothest lines of the weekend, which earned him second place. First place went to all around ripper Ed Driscoll. After watching Ed skate in the semifinals, I noticed that he is one of those kids who can skate anywhere, anytime, and anything. The danger levels of his runs were definitely higher than most and he also changed up each of his runs. He definitely has the skills to pay the bills!

I’d have to compare this years Beasts finals to watching a Bruce Lee fight seen. You gave it your full attention—all while sitting on the (skaters) edge of your seat. Fists (tricks) were flying left and right. Some fought (skated) faster, some had more power, some flipped, and some soared high above. Each fighter (skateboarder) used their own special style, and many of which were easily recognized. Snake-style, Goofy, Switch Tiger Claw, Regular, Old Schhool, (far) East Coast, and Mongo monkey-styles were all represented.

I should mention Nick Dompierre and Willy Akers—both absolutely killed it all weekend. Nick landed tons including a perfect kickflip late shove-it over the pyramid. It was the best trick of the contest! Too bad it was in practice (Watch it in slow motion in the video clip below). The first thing I noticed about Willy was the old beat-up bike he was riding. He said he found it in the bushes and was compelled to keep it as his vehicle for his three-day stay. The rims were bent, the back tire flat, and the handlebars were stripped, but that didn’t stop Willy from takin to the streets on his “new ride. By the way, he could have easily won the contest as well, but he finished fourth. Beware those two names (Willy and Nick)—young guns with endless potential.

Thanks should go out to all the sponsors who made this event possible: Zoo York, TransWorld, Got Milk, Birdhouse, Ecko, Es, Big Brother, Flip, Girl/Chocolate, and Alien Workshop. The Beast represented well.

Beast Of The East Championship 6
Final Results

1. Ed Driscoll
2. Josh Perkins
3. Thomas Parent
4. Willy Akers
5. Raphael Murphy
6. Antione Asselin
7. Nick Dompierre
8. Danny Morrin
9. Dominique Johnson
10. Packy Faucher
11. Shaun Stultz
12. Alex Decelles
13. Mike Wood
14. Julian Etheridge

The dates for next years Beast Of The East Series have already been scheduled. All the information needed can be found at www.unitedskate.com

For information, pictures, and directions to The Skaters Edge Indoor Skatepark, go to www.skatersedgeinc.com

“You have to stay one step ahead of the West-Coast, otherwise, they’ll forget about you in a heartbeat. — The Beast, T. Eric Monroe

“Beware the shadows of the Beast! – OhiOdaVe