Guest Reviewer Of The Month: DYLAN RIEDER. On the new Cass McCombs


Cass McCombs
Dropping The Writ
*** (3.5/5.0)

I would like to start by saying I am not a music critique. I don’t expect anybody to read this—except maybe Cass McCombs’ manager or something, who I hope doesn’t hate me.

I will say that I don’t listen to Cass McCombs regularly because I have really obscure taste in music, which brings me back to my first sentence: don’t listen to me. I’ve heard a song from this band before, called “Bobby The King Of Boys Land. I think it’s about Bobby Puleo. It’s a good song, but it’s not on this album. If you get a chance, find that song because it’s pretty cool.

So this CD is pretty good if you like mellow/psychedelic/melancholic music. If you are a hip-hop kinda guy, stop now. There are also some songs where ”ts really Thom Yorke-ish sounding. If you like the way he sounds, you may be down for this album. When I first heard the song “Petrified Forest, which is my favorite song on the album, the first thing I thought of was this song called “Stay by Pink Floyd, which is a bit mellow sounding, kinda in your room with the headphones on type of stuff. You won’t be going to a party getting hyped off this sh-t, I’ll tell you this much. Buy the album and judge for yourself. Don’t download it. Or buy the record if you can, because it will sound better under a record needle, everything does.—Dylan Rieder