Guest Reviewer Of The Month: John Rattray


Flogging Molly
Side One Dummy
This album contains my favorite Flogging Molly song so far, the title track, “Float.” Folky reflection and some mournful strings give way to a defiant, hopeful mantra. The rest of the album has the urgent tempo of a river in spate or a herd of stampeding horses. Makes me think of the bubbles in an agitated bottle of beer. Rallying, rebel songs, tightly arranged Celtic music, and a glimmering metallic edge reveal a further layer to an already well-crafted sound.

Robert Anton Wilson once wrote that the Celtic temperament when not sunk in Beckett-like despair always leaps to the other conclusion and believes, whatever the evidence, that tomorrow will be better. Flogging Molly exemplifies this well. Talk of oppression and self-loathing is answered with words of encouragement and self-empowerment. The whole album is great. I do enjoy a fiddle and that title track could be one of my all-time favorite songs, it’s too early to say.--John Rattray