Guest Reviewer Of The Month: Richie Jackson


Jet Black Crayon
In The Interim
Function 8

I’ll start by saying I’ve been far more fortunate than the dudes who have been handed a thin stagnant slice of our musically uninspired age and been expected to form an opinion on it. I got lucky… this record comes straight from the heart and mind of O.G. Bones Brigadier Tommy Guerrero. He and his band have been experimenting for a while now and you’ve probably heard them at some point… the credits of Sight Unseen come to mind for me.

The music itself is fantastic. Imagine mellowed-out electronic soundscapes, cross-pollinated with hard-hitting drums and soaring electric guitar riffs. Calming, languid, simultaneously drifting and stimulating… all the adjectives you could attribute to the finer moments of Pink Floyd in their prime.

In The Interim comes with a bonus DVD packed with short works from seven different filmmakers: Greg Hunt’s effort deserving a special mention. I can’t go into too much detail, but let’s just say he manages to condense twenty years of skateboarding history into four minutes of mind-bending radness, which challenges our perception of past and present as we know it!

Experimental with no lack of excitement, Guerrero and his boys have done well.Richie Jackson

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