No Age
So I got a random CD in the mail of a band that I’ve never heard of before for me to review. I hate music reviews that compare one band to another, like “These guys are a mix of Nirvana and Britney Spears with a dash of Buju Banton” or “These guys are the next Hootie And The Blowfish,” et cetera. It’s hard to explain how a band sounds to someone who may not have heard them yet, so I’ll keep it short.

No Age consists of two guys playing a mix of mellow and heavy guitar  fused with keyboards making spacey soundscapes (which rule). Some songs have little to no drums and some with hard-hitting smash fests (which rule). This album grew on me. I like how it’s all over the place—quiet, loud, planned, and freestyled. Check ’em out—who knows, they might just be the next Lil’ Wayne.—Rick McCrank