Guest Reviewer Of The Month: Shuriken Shannon


Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
The 11th Hour
Definitive Jux
Del The Funky Homosapien: He’s a genius. He’s funkadelic, and he has a new album called The 11th Hour. Now, for all you suckas who don’t know, Del is one of the members of the almighty Hieroglyphics and came out with many solo albums such as No Need For Alarm, and Deltron 3030, just to name a few pimp-ass joints that y’all should pick up. But this dude is ill. He’s got an epic voice that nobody can phase and flows for days. Now this CD is a little different since it’s under Definitive Jux records, so it’s got a different vibe than his last joints, but I enjoyed most of it. It’s definitely not as good as his last albums, but there were a few cuts on there that were bangin’, so pick up the album if you’re into it. If not, go skate, then holla.—Shuriken Shannon