Guest Reviewer Of The Month: Slash

The Black Angels
Directions To See A Ghost
Light In The Attic
** (2.5/5.0)
The Black Angels were rad as hell. They were super slow ‘n’ heavy but might have been a little too slow for me. I listened to them right before I went skating, and it wasn’t really doing it for me at the time. If I had a sheet of acid and all my homies, I would’ve of been killing it… but I didn’t. Then I waited to the end of the day and smoked a joint with my homey and listened to it again, giving it another shot. But I just couldn’t find myself getting into it—they were raging but just not my jam. I’m backing them and I’m sure they’re a hit with tons of people but I’m gonna say I’m won’t be listening to the CD again unless I’m in a pan frying with my friends. I appreciate their music ’cause it’s amazing, but Directions To See A Ghost just isn’t my way of kickin’ out the jams. Black Angels, stay green.—Slash