Halloween Ramp Jam

The blowout went down Saturday night at Russ and Steve’s house in Pacific Beach with their nice miniramp in the back. Karma and Richard Paez from Consolidated were in town hanging out with Bailey. Jimmy Acosta rode in on his beach cruiser to chants of, “Drop in, drop in!” Acosta thought the crowd was saying, “Drop it,” so he accordingly dropped trou—a highlight of the night. Usual suspects Senator Cranston, Peter Smolik, Aaron Scott, Dan Connelly, Peter Hewitt, Matt Kriegel and Aric Sanders were in the mix. Towards the end of the night, Hewitt offered Tosh Rice $100 to rocket drop (both feet on the tail, both hands holding the nose) from the extension. Tosh went for it taking the worst slam of the evening—and no hundski to show for it. The attempt was dubbed, “Do it for Hewitt.” Now go watch the video.

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