Happy Birthday, Gonz!

"The first time I think I met Mark Gonzales was at a NSA Freestyle Contest in Venice Beach in 1984. I saw these kids airing off the roof of the public restrooms and trying to land on four wheels. Mark stood out in my mind and was launching a Variflex Hitail off the roof over and over. I found out later that it was a borrowed board and that he had already broken two others (probably borrowed?). After this impromptu session, we went to a backyard quarter pipe a few blocks away and my new acquaintance proceeded to rip this spot as well. This was the first day shooting someone who would change and influence skateboarding over the next 34 years and is still ripping and progressing at 50-years-old this June." —GRANT BRITTAIN

(right) Backside boneless, Brooklyn, New York. 2018. Photo: Pep Kim
(left) Backside boneless, Venice Beach, California. 1984. Photo: J. Grant Brittain