The four-day Harold Hunter Weekend had its finale Sunday at the LES Skatepark with a series of best trick contests. First it was the small rail and hubba, then it moved to the bump to bar/big apple. Then the big double-set was last. Adidas built a gap-to-rail and landing bank making this the gnarliest best trick at LES park ever! A handful of skaters stepped to it and pretty much everyone got their tricks and no one got served too bad. Celebrity judges Vincent Alvarez and Franky Villani handed out the cash for tricks, and Mark Gonzales even showed up towards the end of the day. Huge thanks to the Harold Hunter Foundation, adidas Skateboarding, and all the other sponsors and skaters for making this another amazing weekend in New York City.

Joshua Green, backside tailslide, 360 shove-it out.

Kaue Cossa, backside noseblunt-slide. My man also kickflipped into it!

Gang Corp runs the LES park. Love these dudes.

Brandon Johnson, backside 270 lip.

Jorge Angel, Franky Villani, Vincent Alvarez, Steve Rodriguez and more on judging and announcing duties.

We’re backing it!

People swarmed the stairs before the final best trick.

Place was packed.

The first landed trick got 100 bucks. This boardslide by Thomas Turner was it.

Rio Batan with a lipslide.

Dylan Nieves with a lipslide.

Carlo Carezzano nailed the crooked grind.

Thomas Turner, heavy overcrook!

Cash for tricks!

Dylan with a front board.

This back Smith by Darius Sibley pretty much closed it out.

The Gonz stopped by with his daughter and gave a shout out to Harold!

Photos: @blair.alley