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Hailing from the magnificent city of Copenhagen in Denmark, Hjalte (say it like "Yaldi") Halberg is one of the premier professionals for the unique brand Polar Skateboards. He is not your typical pro skater: He works a job in the wintertime, often as a schoolteacher. He has sailed halfway around the world on a yacht, and for someone who is massive in frame, he skates like he has feathers on his feet. By no means elusive, Hjalte has one of those unique styles that you really need to witness in person to get the full experience; he skates fast, fluid, and is generally very consistent with his tricks—a real powerhouse skater. You may find him at any given time in New York, London, Paris, Malmö, or Barcelona—even Los Angeles. He goes where the fun flows—he holds that young joy for skating, and you can see it in the way he rides. He's usually with his best crew and prefers to session rather than just go and stack clips. Hjalte is tricky to catch in photos, but here are a few that—as he might say—are a little bit "spicy." Enjoy.
Words and photos by Mike O’Meally

Frontside five-0

Frontside five-0. (*click to enlarge)

Bringing the heat to an already scorching LA summer's day—fakie tre over a USC hydrant, done with steez and ease.
Inserts: Malmö is the hometown of his Polar boss, but also a nice place for a cool dip after a long day's session. Copenhagen is known for all things beautiful, like this frontside ollie between the blades of blondes wearing black.

Fakie 360 flip.

Fakie 360 flip.


Half-Cab flip.

A short train ride from Copenhagen Airport (CPH) to Malmö and a pickup from Pontus Alv lead to this rugged delivery loading dock and a beastly backside tailslide across the whole red grill.

Backside tailslide. (*click to enlarge)

Backside tailslide. (*click to enlarge)

Inside and outside a long tailslide in Los Angeles with a perfect pop out and a smooth ride-away. Another smooth ride-away with a skid to match at the Royal Hunting Grounds in Copenhagen.

Frontside tailside.

Frontside tailside. (*click to enlarge)


Backside bigspin.

In the calm back alleys of Malmö there are all kinds of spicy skate spots; if you roll with the mayor, he will show you. Hjalte goes beast mode with a long-distance switch ollie over the cement log.


Switch ollie. (*click to enlarge)

Catch Hjalte’s exclusive video part coming to on Monday!