Photos and words by Eric Stricker

Earlier this week, Zumiez threw one of the gnarliest (and most fun) gatherings I have ever attended, all in celebration of their over 1,000 salespeople who sold over 100,000 dollars worth of merchandise during the 2006 calendar year. This two-day event was held in the snow-covered mountains of Colorado, Keystone Resort, specifically, so of course you’d expect to see all the hot snowboard pros of today. While rumors circulated about which skate pros would show up, most of us skateboarders expected to be among a handful of skateboarders in attendance. Well, we were wrong.

What started with Adrian Lopez making an appearance at dinner with the Forum snowboard team, soon escalated into a smorgasbord who’s who of skate celebrities. Some even took to the mountain, namely Rob G., Kenny Anderson, Danny Montoya, and Mark Appleyard. Once everyone was in plain sight, the list of professional and ex-professional skateboarders (who looked somewhat awkward in a small, snowy mountain town) went something like this: Rick Howard, Chris Miller, Don Brown, Erik Ellington, Chad Muska, Jim Greco, Steve Douglas, Arto Saari, Kyle Leeper, Ryan Sheckler, Rob Dyrdek, Geoff Rowley, Mic-E Reyes, Tony Trujillo, Ed Selego, Nick Dompierre, Eric Koston, Chico Brenes, Lance Mountain, Caswell Berry, Bob Burnquist, Kris Markovich, Christian Hosoi, Matt Field, Elissa Steamer, Bigfoot, Tim Gavin, Tony Hawk, Colt Cannon, Chris Cole, Jamie Thomas, Colin McKay, Danny Way, Rene Rene, and so many more.

When it was all said and done, skateboarders, snowboarders, and top Zumiez sales people all partook in the fun which included excessive boozing (for those of us of legal age), snowboarding (and pro snowboard demos), bull riding, Operation-playing, karaoke-ing, gambling, rallying, dancing, VIP-ing, t-shirt making, Delorean-sitting, after-partying and last, but not least, hangover-ing.

The pics shall do all the talking from here on out.