How To: Make A Sticker

Everybody loves stickers. Throw ’em on your board, stick ’em on your local street signs, or use ’em to get your own message out. Shepard Fairey started out with a very simple “Andre The Giant Has A Posse” sticker, and you too could turn a simple drawing or design into a global multimedia empire. There are many ways to create stickers, but here are three different, but easy, ways to go about it.

Sketch out a drawing on a piece of paper. Take it to a photocopier and copy it using full-page sticker paper (available at almost any office supply store). After you copy your design, stick them onto any surface that is within arm’s reach. Message sent.

With a bit more computer and technical skill, you can add color and make a sticker that lasts longer. Make a design on your computer (usually Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the best programs to use) or scan in your drawing. Buy some ink jet- or laser printer-compatible paper (at the same office supply store you got the sticker paper from). Print your design on the paper. Cut. Stick.

With a bit more money, you can get your sticker printed on vinyl and get a higher-quality product. A number of Web sites are out there to cater to you ( is a useful one). Prepare your art as a computer file and download the template provided by your Web site of choice. Put your design in the template, and upload or send it to the company on a disk. Pay the money (sometimes it’s as cheap as twenty dollars for 250 black-and-white stickers). You can even usually pay by money order if you don’t have a credit card or a PayPal account. Wait for your stickers to arrive. Wait. Wait. Here they are. Stick ’em up.