How To: Nollie Backside Heelflip With Lewis Marnell

Though Lewis Marnell could have taken this picture-perfect nollie heel down a huge set of stairs, he wanted to prove he could take it up and over just as high. Check the ridiculous pop on one of the skateboarding’s greatest of the latest new ams.

1. Approach the gap or whatever else you’re skatin’ with the appropriate speed-have your front foot on the end of your nose and your back foot just above your back bolts. You want to make sure you pop, so squat and apply pressure to the nose. Get ready to pop just before the edge of the obstacle.

2. As you pop, give your back foot a good flick and jump as high as you can. You have to keep your shoulders turning with the board, this way you’ll stay balanced throughout the trick.

3. Suck up your legs so your board follows. It will come up to your feet as you reach the top of your peak.

4. Hold the catch, and prepare to land.

5. Absorb the landing, and keep your body centered for a smooth rollaway.

6. You’re chillin’!-Lewis Marnell