PlayStation 2
Overview: Rockstar Games takes its ever-favorite open-gameplay model created for the Grand Theft Auto series and sets the scene at the Bullworth Academy prep school. (The game is already getting loads of attention due to its controversial content portraying the brutality of high school life.)
Gameplay: After everyone gets over the notion that video games make people crazy rather than those people actually being crazy, we’ll all be able to enjoy the hostile scene called high school. You have to deal with teachers giving you a hard time, bullies pushing you around, and even trying to win over the girl. Bully makes it possible to live out the mantra, “If I only knew then what I know now, high school would have been totally different.
Graphics: On the eve of the release of PlayStation 3, you should feel a little cheated. But, in all fairness, Bully has had some hiccups to handle considering that there’s been some resistance to the game’s release.
Sound: Grunts and ughs associated with taking swift kicks to the side, kids crying from being hit in the head with dodge balls, urethane wheels rolling across the concrete, explosions in the chemistry lab, and lips smacking while you’re making out with the hot chick are pretty realistic.
Entertainment: Just like all GTA games, Bully will provide endless hours of comedy and entertainment. Live out high school how you’d like; it doesn’t mean you have to be an a–hole (especially in real life). It’s only a video game; it’s not real.—Eric Sentianin