Dead Rising

Dead Rising


Xbox 360


Overview: As photojournalist Frank West, it’s your job to snap Pulitzer-winning photographs of Willamette, Colorado’s zombie epidemic.

Gameplay: Most of the time, you’re shooting photos of camera-shy zombies instead of shooting their heads off. It’s definitely a different take on the third-person undead shooter, but if game sales are any indication, bazookas are much cooler weapons than buckets—in Dead Rising, gamers can blind zombies by plopping a pail over their heads. Zzzzz. Other lame weapons include kicking soccerballs at high speeds.

Graphics: Although clubbing a zombie over the head with a Fender yields a satisfying amount of blood spatter, I still prefer a chainsaw.

Sound: Nice ‘n’ creepy ambient noises.

Entertainment: Aside from being one of the pussy-est lead characters in video-game history, there is some humor in throwing CD cases around like ninja stars.—Clay Staeshon