Knights Of The Temple II

Knights Of The Temple II
PlayStation 2/Xbox/PC
* (1/2 star)
Overview: If you’re waiting for your knight in shining video-game armor, this ain’t the guy. Knights Of The Temple II (why a sequel was made is beyond me) follows a Templar Knight named Paul who must save the world from the evil Azrael who’s about to open the gates to Hell. Paul has his gate to hell, and now you have yours.
Gameplay: This is a straight-up third-person hack and slash game with one monumental flaw: the camera work. Not only is it disorienting, but your knight has absolutely no option of angling or zooming the camera. Oh and did I mention dated combat and completely cumbersome weapon switching?
Graphics: The graphical elements of KOTT II are the only thing this medieval mess has going for it. You gotta love highly detailed plague rot.
Sound: The sound effects are more generic than a pair of Payless shoes, and the music is something only a D&D junkie would like.
Entertainment: Wait, there’s more to complain about! You can pretty much defeat the game in less than a day—the bosses are that easy to kill, and the grunts are that defenseless. The only intense part of this game is its stench.—Gamey Thomas