Painkiller: Hell Wars

Painkiller: Hell Wars




Overview: You play as Daniel Garner, a victim of a fatal car accident, who’s now stuck between heaven and hell. It’s up to you to get Daniel the heck outta there—but not before doing battle with menacing monsters and ghastly ghouls.

Gameplay: Hell Wars is basically a “best of game spawned from the popular PC version and its expansion pack, Battle Out Of Hell. You get to play the same multiplayer modes, with game types like deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag.

Graphics: The game is fast and furious à  la Quake and the pixels and polygons do a nice job of keeping up with the dusty old Xbox engine.

Sound: Creepy, crawly ambience with realistic gun claps.

Entertainment: Hell Wars is fast enough and nimble enough, but the arsenal (e.g. shotgun, rocket launcher) isn’t as varied or original as I’d like. Nevertheless, it’s a satisfying slay-’em-up game.—Clay Staeshon