Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs
PlayStation 2/Xbox/PC
Overview: It’s an action-packed game centered around Quentin Tarantino’s cult-classic film (duh).
Gameplay: Typically, making a video game of such a cult classic would make you think they’re a bunch of sellouts trying to make an extra buck. But Eidos went to great lengths to make accurate recreations of many memorable scenes in the movie. The beauty of Reservoir Dogs comes in what wasn’t seen in the movie, because how entertaining would a video game be with some fired-up guys talking to each other for two hours? The game has ten third-person shooting missions and six driving missions, plus you’ll finally know how Mr. Blue made it through the diamond exchange.
Graphics: Movie scenes were regenerated as accurately as possible down to specific camera angles.
Sound: Gun shots, hostages screaming, voice-overs, and tunes from the movie.
Entertainment: This game is worth playing just to see your end-of-level rating, ranging from professional to psychotic. Besides that, you can find out if Mr. Pink survived the final seconds of the film.—Eric Sentianin