Saints Row

Saints Row
Xbox 360
*** (3.5/5)
Essentially a Grand Theft Auto jacker, Saints Row continues the free-roaming, gat-toting urban-mayhem genre.
GAMEPLAY: The developer claims that Saints Row‘s world is bigger than Vice City but not quite as big as San Andreas. The gameplay is relatively easy to learn, but the weapon aim is manual, so your drive-bys probably won’t leave many dead behind.
GRAPHICS: In this area, the game is as smooth as silk with no “pop ups (e.g., no buildings appear abruptly when you’re driving) and high definition of nearly everything involved in the game, plus nice “memory features like returning to a bullet hole in a wall that you left behind, say, twenty minutes ago.
SOUND: The gun claps, explosions, and cries for mercy are all sadistically realistic.
ENTERTAINMENT: With over 80 vehicle options, online capability, and amazing graphics, Saints Row is a solid GTA competitor, albeit an unoriginal one.--Clay Staeshon