Spy Hunter: Nowhere To Run

Spy Hunter: Nowhere To Run
PlayStation 2/PSP
Hearing that Peter Gunn track in the original Spy Hunter always made me wanna put wheel-spikes on my Mongoose. In the updated version of Spy Hunter, with a movie release of the same name slated for 2007, things are a lot more advanced than mere land-and-water excursions.
GAMEPLAY: Nowhere To Run is your first opportunity to open the doors of the ridiculously cool Interceptor car. And guess who steps out? None other than Dwayne “The Rock Johnson. Half of the game will be on foot, so get ready to pull some WWE-inspired hand-to-hand moves like gorilla press slams and spinning back fists. While in the Interceptor, you can cruise amphibiously, but there’s also the option of morphing the car into a motorcycle and a jet ski.
GRAPHICS: Obliterating enemy vehicles will ignite a pleasing explosion or two, and the Burnout-style camera effects are very handy for capturing those fireballs in slo-mo.
SOUND: This game could be on mute and still be rad.
ENTERTAINMENT: The likeable Rock is a vice as always, the action is frenetic and engaging, and the Interceptor is as ill as ever.—Gamey Thomas