The Fast And The Furious

The Fast And The Furious
PlayStation 2/PSP
A nitrous-fueled (not Vin Diesel-fueled) drift-racing game inspired by the latest The Fast And The Furious flick, Tokyo Drift.
GAMEPLAY: The game’s driving model encourages “stylized driving as much as it does traditional speed racing—a very welcome addition to the car-racing genre where steez, not speed, gets you the most points. Players get to barrel through well-defined Tokyo labyrinths via over 120 licensed whips with over 300 body kit options (including Spoon and Vertex).
GRAPHICS: As I alluded to above, the customization options in The Fast And The Furious are almost infinite. You can trick your headlights into “sleepy mode (half open), install neon street glow, and mold the body kits into anything your tuner heart desires.
SOUND: Take advantage of “Universal’s extensive sound library! Gotta love those press releases.
ENTERTAINMENT: Customization flexibility, fast pace, and style points are a rubber-smokin’ trio.—Gamey Thomas