IC2 Premiere Photos

This past Friday history was made as Mr. Mikey Alfred unveiled his latest creation—Illegal Civilization 2. Not only was the video refreshingly different, the venue wasn’t the average movie theater. Mikey decided to keep the premiere close to home—literally—and got permits from the city to rope off his cul-de-sac in North Hollywood. He got a 10 foot blowup screen and projected the video in his front yard to almost 700 people. To make the experience even a little more welcoming, Mikey’s family and friends were handing out hotdogs and drinks to people and his mom was making sure everyone had the proper dosage of Red Vines. Thanks to the extended Alfred family for the epic night, and congrats to everyone in the video for killing it once again.—Sam Muller

Catch the NYC premiere April 17!
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Photos by Sam Muller and Jaime Owens


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