Illegal Civilization premiered its latest full-length in DTLA’s historic Palace theater. The line stretched several blocks long, and once inside, the vibes were high! Mikey and the team didn’t disappoint in their unique way of presenting skateboarding. The whole crew did a Q&A after for the crowd. No definite date on a release, but it’s looking like late November, so keep your eyes peeled. You’re going to want to catch this one!

Out front, on Broadway! The line went on for blocks!

It’s all love with Jumpman.

Nico, down from SF, and Kevin White, finally home from Europe!

Domo, patiently waiting to get in.

The man behind the camera, Davonte Jolly, and Kev White.

Nak, inside, posing for the press.

New IC merch!

The crew comes onstage to say hello, and thank you for coming.

After the video, Q&A with the audience.

Is that Trippy Red?

Everyone kind of rushed the stage after. Ryder McLaughlin.

Nico signing some ‘graphs.

Mikey gives back all the love.

More Illegal Civ

Photos: @blair.alley