Everyday, The Digital Skateboarding Premiere

It’s not everyday you get to skate the Volcom Warehouse, drink free beer (those over 21) and watch a video premiere all in the same day. Well, Bill Weiss and Digital Skateboarding made it all possible and premiered their new video entitled, Everyday, at the Volcom Warehouse on Tuesday November 25th. The skatepark was open from 7 to 9 p.m., as was the free booze area. Just by watching you were able to tell who was over and who was under. All the under-agers would v-line for the skatepark while us legalized drinkers kicked back and caught up on times.

EVERYDAY -- The Video

Everyday has a refreshing cast of Pros and Ams alike. Featured skaters included LBC’s Evan Hernandez, New Expedition Pro Ryan Gallant, Russ Milligan, Joey Poiriez and Bryan Herman. The Almost Pro Ryan Sheckler also debuted on the big screen with a stellar first ever-street performance.

Everyday starts with the smooth skating of Evan Hernandez. Damn! You thought his TransWorld part was good, wait until you see this. Everyday ends with an “almost” perfect part from Ryan Sheckler. Ryan reminds me of a mix between a little Terminator and the Energizer bunny. He’ll never stop destroying it and he keeps going and going and going... With those young legs, his potential is endless. At the young age of 29, it’s hard to believe how talented Ryan actually is.

Everyday I’d like to watch the montages that Everyday has. Personally these are my favorite parts of the video. Amazing moves were being thrown down left and right at such a pace that I couldn’t remember who was who. All I remember is that it left me wanting to go skateboarding-- and everyday since that’s what I’ve done. I’m going to have to get a hold of Weiss and ask him for a copy (DVD- hint).

All the skaters seem to be down for the Digital Skateboarding crew. The list of contributing skaters alone tells you that, and along with the 300+ that showed to watch it insures that view. It’s just skateboarding, and that’s what they do. Another Picasso!

Too bad everyday couldn’t be like the day Everyday was premiered.

Support your everyday habits and check out the Digital website. It’s not fully finished yet, but peep it regardless. You’ll soon be able order videos like Everyday everyday.