ILLEGAL CIVILIZATION 2 is coming out April 4. We in Sydney widdit filming for this, you feel me?—Mikey Alfred
Photos by Sam Muller, captions by Mikey

Aye young nam sipping some early morning wine. We calling him achoholic Nak cause he don’t ever drink in the states. BUT HE STILL HANDLING HIS BUSINESS

We were in the projects you already know what it is.

Ayee you can tell we not from this country hah. Nak and Kevin are turnt.
TJ got dropped by Kevin so Mikey had to help him up.
Nak’s first Golden Gaytime, shit is dummy flight.
This pole jam was like 5 feet from our breakfast table. Beast.
Nak is the swag man, we in summer nigga it’s winter at home.
You don’t know where you’ll see us or what we got on us.
Ayeee, we all tried meat pies (no homo) right before this. So flight.
Tyshawn. Young.
Kevin had to calm his son TJ real quick after the meat pies.


Tyshawn, Kevin, Nak and Mikey in the cut. Everywhere we go around the world, we’re in the cut.

This bitch fell out the sky when we were skating the spot in Auckland, New Zealand.

Victoria St skatepark, this shit is beast.

Hotel view.

In the airport on the way to Sydney, you feel me. The yungest goon.


Always posted, never uncomfortable when you’re in the Civ you’re never uncomfortable.

Ayyyye you feel me?


Nak is muck.

98 Juvie. Creole Kev.

Nah dead ass, Mikey is hit.

In the bank like HAAhaaHAha.

Mikey is real life hit, but this bathroom was nasty as fuck.