Tampa Pro is a special time of year. It’s the only contest that a lot of your favorite pros will skate. It’s got a camaraderie you just don’t see at other comps. And then there’s Ybor City

Will T-Puds defend his 2012 crown? Will Chaz Ortiz get redemption for his narrow margin second place? Or will it be one of the past winners like P-Rod, Koston, or Lutzka?

Will there be a zanier trick than last year’s hardflip backside noseblunt-slide to take Best Trick?

We’ll be getting bloggy no doubt, so check in on that and follow along with all these dudes on Instagram: @blairlylegal, @davidjnook, @lukecallahan, @richard_quintero, @barney_zone, and of course @transworldskate on Insta AND Twitter.

Will Weezy be there again?

Find out starting this Friday and continuing all weekend! Live broadcast here.