Instant Winner Premiere

On Saturday December 18th, Brooklyn’s KCDC Skateshop hosted the long awaited premiere of Instant Winner’s first promo DVD, Nickels And Dimes. KCDC parties never fail to disappoint when it comes to providing locals with the means needed to achieve an inebriated mess of an end. And I think I speak for all attendees when I say that KCDC seriously hosted the shit out of this one. The 21 and over event was set off with complimentary Red Bull and Vodkas, Pabst Blue Ribbons and probably some other fine beverages that I had overlooked on account of my drunkenness. With the doors opening at 8:00, it didn’t take long for the place to get jam packed with skaters, artsy types, thugs, tweakers, and lovable, beautiful women. I will forever be amazed by the array of lurkers that are drawn to an event when the word of the old “free drink” gets out. While I ingested visuals of numerous eccentric individuals, the shop mini ramp was getting tore up by some loc-dog rippers.

For all that are out of the loop to the point of barely existing, Instant Winner is a fairly new company that’s been the talk of the big city streets these days. With a sturdy, pride driven approach to skateboarding, Instant Winner sells their products only in “real deal skateshops, barring chain department stores and silly strip mall surf shops that generally represent wackness. Having built their popularity almost exclusively through word of mouth, Instant Winner is off to an unbelievable jumping start. Aside from having a minty fresh modus operandi regarding their goods (have you seen their new run of 3-D boards?), they also have a team made up of five badass, underground rippers.

As KCDC was transformed into a crowded club-like atmosphere, the lights were dimmed, the video projector blared and the crowd went berserk. Riders Scotty Moore, Brett Abramsky, Joey Seguna, Alex Turan, and Billy Rohan all had full-length parts that made me want to completely quit my life and skate full time. Director Shea Gonyo did a hell of job by creating a cool Coney Island theme throughout the film. Each rider is introduced by participating in attractions at the historical Brooklyn amusement park. Though every rider killed it, critical acclaim goes out to Instant Winner pro Billy Rohan. His part blew everyone’s mind, including my own. Those around me screamed, hollered, and generally went apeshit while Billy’s street skating annihilation went down.

As the credits rolled and the collective alcohol buzz became seemingly contagious, I had thought the night might in fact be over. However, things were just getting started. In a stroke of genius, someone had decided to invite two genuine side show freaks from Coney Island to perform on the mini ramps flatbottom. One fat feller with his face tattooed, rolled around on a bed of nails, while his lady friend swallowed, breathed and blew fire.

All in all, the premiere was a huge success. Occupants got drunk, tricks were landed, an amazing video was shown, side show freaks performed and I’m sure a good percentage of the crowd went home to sleep like tired little bunnies. I know I did. A hip-hop style “Hallaaah!! goes out to Instant Winner Skateboards, KCDC and sweet, sweet alcohol.—Jay Riggio

Photos by Sam Wilcox and Jay Riggio