The International Skateboarding Open wrapped up here in Nanjing, China with finals in the bowl and street for men and women. Leticia Bufoni snagged first place in women’s street, French tranny wizard Vincent Matheron won the men’s bowl, and Jake Ilardi won men’s street with the most ridiculous run we’ve ever seen: Bigspin flip indy and a 540 on the big quarterpipe, then a bigspin flip frontside boardslide down the eight-stair rail—all in the same line! He barely nudged Ivan Monteiro out of the top spot (who also had an insane flawless run) with that run. Big congrats to all the winners.

Alexis Ramirez, Nosegrind pop out in the semis.

Kelvin Hoefler, kickflip frontside bluntslide. His first run put him in first early on.

Ivan Monteiro, 270 lipslide 270 out. His flawless run put him in first all the way until the end, when Jake Ilardi was up…

Ikeda Daisuke, 540.

Sora Shirai, frontside 180 to switch crooked grind.

Gabriel Ribeiro, backside tailslide.

Tommy Fynn, fakie 360 flip to back lip.

Gustavo Ribeiro, 360 flip lipslide.

Yoshi Tanenbaum, 360 flip.


Jake Ilardi, backside 180 fakie five-0.

Jake Ilardi busted out this 540 in his run.

Jake Ilardi, bigspin flip indy, every try.

Jake Ilardi, bigspin flip frontside boardslide just before the buzzer to ice his perfect run.

When they posted the score and we found out he won!


One of the most insane runs we’ve ever seen. Jake is going to kill contests for years to come. Congrats!

Over to the ladies, Mariah Duran, kickflip.

Leticia Bufoni, lipslide.

Vanessa Torres, backside five-0.

Leticia Bufoni, frontside 180.

Mariah Duran, lipslide.


Leticia with the win.

In the park contest, Tristan Rennie handled this nosegrind through the corner.

Sandro Dias with a monster method.

Tommy and Yuto crushing ’em on the deck.

Jaime Mateu, big boneless.

Dylan Witkin, judo. He had it fully extended, I just shot the photo late.

Jaime Mateu, backside 360 over the hip.

Photos: @blair.alley

Qualifier photos