We’re out here in Nanjing, China for the first International Skateboarding Open. There’s a park (bowl) and street contests going on for mens, womens, and there was a local Chinese contest the first two days. China is getting its Olympic teams in order and with World Skate and the IOC working together, we’re seeing pretty much what the Olympics is going to look like in 2020. Interesting stuff. Enjoy these photos from day one of the qualifiers. Stay tuned for photos from the finals tomorrow!

Tommy Sandoval was busting all day. Backside heelflip.

Tampa Am champ Gustavo Ribeiro. Kickflip front board.

Keyaki Ike from Japan. Skated with a smoothness akin to a young Trapasso. Switch front feebs.

Ikeda Daisuke! 540s every try, then switch front biggie heel down the stairs. Insane.

Vanessa Torres is the best. Most proper back Smith all day.

Part of the Transworld China crew: Anthony Schultz, Alexis Ramirez, Tommy Sandoval, and Cameron McIntosh.

Mariah Duran, butter smooth kickflip in front of the flag.

Leticia qualified first. Stretched out ollie.

Alexis Ramirez made it to the semis. Hardflip.

Biggest character of the weekend! Jaime Mateu. Insane bonelesses and lip tricks and unbridled enthusiasm.

Trey Wood found out how the body jar got its name. Hung up on one and cracked his dome.

He had to go get a few stitches but was fine that evening.

Jake Ilardi is a contender! Backside 180 fakie five-0.

Alexis Ramirez, color-coordinated frontside flip.

Tommy Sandoval, crooked grind transfer.

Alexis Ramirez, nosegrind pop out.

Tommy Sandoval, backside five-0.

Dylan Witkin in a heavy Dead vibe. Noseblunt. Announcer Tim O’Connor said he looked like a professional hackey sacker, and also the lead singer of Wolfmother.

Top qualifier in the bowl, Clay Kreiner. Massive 540.

Clay Kreiner, heelflip frontside air.

There are a lot of ATVs in this comp and Dylan Witkin is right there at the top. Frontal in a very gnarly deep end.

Speaking of ATVs, Jaime Mateu clears the hip.

Huge boneless. Jaime Mateu.

This was the awards ceremony for the local Chinese contests. Matching China Olympic jackets, could this be what Tokyo 2020 will look like?

Photos: Blair Alley

We brought Tommy Sandoval, Alexis Ramirez and Anthony Schultz with us and we’ll be staying in China after the contest to street skate, so follow all the IGs to see what we’re up to!