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In 2007 Patrik Wallner and I went to Shenzhen, China with a small crew to film for his first Visualtraveling movie titled Translations. A couple years later we made our way from Barcelona to Malaga, crossed the Strait of Gibraltar on a ferry to Tangier and ended the trip in Casablanca. Another time we linked up in Delhi, India. I was on a ten-day trip with seven Russians and he was on a 20-day tour with Mehring, Suciu, Sebo and Malto. Every year or so he would return to New York with stories (and full length films) of epic adventures across the world. By early 2018, Patrik had covered all 101 countries within Europe and Asia with skaters like Kenny Reed, Michael Mackrodt, Denny Pham, Phil Zwijsen, Laurence Keefe, Daniel Zvereff, Gosha Konyshev and Walker Ryan.—Josh Zickert

Kenny Reed in North Korea. Photo: Wallner

Interview by Josh Zickert
Favorite countries?
Georgia (the one next to Russia not Alabama), Myanmar, Thailand and I am loving Hong Kong at the moment.

Longest trip?
From Moscow to Hong Kong via trains. We were on the road for over 10,000 kilometers over a eight to nine week journey. Quite possibly the longest continuous skate trip (without a break) that I have engaged in.

How did you meet Michael Mackrodt?
When I was out filming with adidas in Barcelona back in 2007 with Lem Villemin and co., he said he had a friend of his called Michael who would be good fun. I filmed some lines with him and didn't think I would see him again possibly, but then we bumped into each other in New York that summer and started filming a part for my first full length video Translations (2008).

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First tour with Kenny Reed?
Kenny missed like two flights partying in his transit city (Tokyo) while he tried to tag along on our Trans-Siberian trip in China. He ended up not getting too many tricks, so we agreed a couple months later to meet up in central China and film some additional stuff. That was possibly the first full trip with the Kenny. We ventured into southern China trying to cross a remote border with Myanmar, where we got denied. I remember I was still in University at the time and had to skip like two to three weeks of classes to go on that trip. My teachers were really bummed, but they had no idea that I couldn't say no to a solo trip with 'The Traveler,' haha.

Is South American next?
Possibly. It’s been always on the list and always keeps coming up in talks with friends. But I didn't find the right time to jet over to the south of the Western Hemisphere. We did go on a trip to Cuba with Walker Ryan, Tommy Zhao and Michael Mackrodt a couple years back and that was already a nice taste of Latin America.

Madars Apse, Uplistsikhe, Georgia. Photo: Wallner

Check out Patrik’s 232-page book titled The Eurasia Project.

Exhibition Schedule:
Tokyo – May 25
NYC – May 31
Toronto – June 8
Los Angeles – June 15

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Pat Duffy, Chituri, Georgia. The morning after breaking his arm and getting kidnapped.

Walker Ryan, Ollie. Beirut, Lebanon.


Bagan, Myanmar

Kenny Reed, 360 flip. Bengaluru, India.

Patrik installing his show in NYC last week. Photo: Blair.

One of the biggest and most impressive photo shows I’ve ever seen. Photo: Blair

Patrik and one of his portraits. Photo: Blair

Nestor Judkins helped hand the show. Photo: Blair.

As of now, the only place to get one of these is at one of the shows, so don’t miss it!

Jake Hayes and Jamie Foy were in town filming for Duets.

Soho Arts Club was packed!

JZ, Horton, and Tal Cual!

Patrik and Jose David Velez.

The prints and boards were impressive. Seriously, do not miss this show.

10 years to be very proud of! Nice work Patrik!