Darien Brown’s InTransit premiered last Saturday night at the Art Theatre in Long Beach, California. The venue was swarming and the massive turnout required two showings. Some heavy clips in this one, including parts from Steven Ban, Ben Fisher, Victor Mendoza, Austin Flood, Jeff Carlyle, Demarquise McDaniels, Kyle Walker, Tommy Werner, Dominick Walker, Tislam Smith, Matt Militano, Billy Davenport VII and more. Heel Bruise, Lurkville Skateboards, Bones Wheels, and Filmbot Grip helped make all happen. At $12, this video is worth the soundtrack alone, not to mention the top notch skating and editing (have a taste). Get a copy from the good folks at Filmbot or pick one up from your local skateshop. It’s 12 bucks. That’s a pizza. –Luke Callahan

Photos by Oswaldo Sanchez

Rocky Horror Picture Show was also playing that night…

…which made for a diverse range of costuming.

The line for InTransit up went around the block! This called for two showings that night.

Hard copies were available at the door. On point.

Trevor McClung and Tom K were in the house.

Demarquis McDaniels and InTransit filmer and editor Darien Brown.

Kyle Walker, Chase Webb, Jeff Carlyle, Ethan Loy, Austin Flood, and a paparazzi-dodger.

Taylor and Trent McClung, keeping it brotherly.

Tislam Smith copped the new issue.

The cast and crew took the stage before it all went down. These guys killed it!

Darien Brown was carried out of the theatre after it ended. Yes, it was that good…

Amazing music and skating with free stickers?! Get a copy!

Revisit the trailer: