After you’ve picked your jaw up off the ground from Zack Wallin’s insane kickflip on the cover, dig in to our annual Am Issue with interviews from the best young ams that will be the future of skateboarding: Nick Tucker, Rowan Zorilla, John Fitzgerald, Pat Rumney, and many more. An epic Am Issue Transmission will be hitting next week. Also hitting the site from this issue: Taylor Nawrocki’s El Sol part, Alex Midler and Davis Torgerson TWS Park edits, and Denzel White’s Active part. Scroll down for some sneak previews!
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Davis Torgerson, gap backside 50-50 on the Contents spread.

Denzel White scores the 9 Frames. Video part coming this Friday.

The Am Issue interviews: Transmissions From The Future.

Zack Wallin Am Spotlight. Portrait by Dave Chami.

Ethan Loy, frontside hurricane in Sightings.

Vincent Nava, The Streets Are Ours.