In This Issue: March/April 2017

First Words
That New Car Smell

Here we are, 2017, a new year, a new mag. As I mentioned last issue, if you were one of the lucky few to actually read the First Words page back then, I gave you a heads up of what we were going to be doing this year. That day has come, and you now hold in your hands our new bi-monthly format. From here on out, our issues will come out every other month, so six a year. And that’s the only major change going on over here. We’re still going to bring you the best photos, articles and interviews in skateboarding, like we’ve always done. Covering everything that has to do with the best in skateboarding, whether it’s mainstream or underground, we got you covered. It’s just now, it’s going to be presented in this better package that we’re really stoked on and we hope you are too. Skateboarding owes us nothing, but we owe it everything. So our mission is to give back as much as it’s given us and leave our mark like those before us. We’re all in this together with you, and just like you, our love of skateboarding continues to burn deep and bright. We’re here. You’re here. Let’s get it.—Jaime Owens

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