Yesterday’s Future Premiere

As hip hop acts warmed up the crowd and the drink tickets were flowing freely, there was thick anticipation in the air. Finally the video started around eleven o’clock and the place went nuts. Carl LaBelle kicked off the video with an amazing part full of never-been-done ledge tricks. PS, Montreal has spots for days you’ve probably never seen. A true gem of a town that surprisingly doesn’t get as many photos and footage as it could. The locals probably like it that way, though. The video was pretty long with part after banging part. The last two parts, Chad Dickson and Grant Patterson, back to back had the crowd screaming. Bangers for days. It was a big night for all these Canadian rippers. Props out to them all, it was a job well done.

After the premiere, a lot of heads sauntered up St. Laurent to a house party complete with a rooftop patio overlooking all of Montreal. There were other reports of skaters going to Club Tokyo where paid VIP tables were awaiting them. But everybody made it to the contest the next day on time—yeah right!

Check the attached trailers and slideshow, and cop it when it comes out!